About Our Shop



Clean Linen represents high fashion street wear and setting the Standard for a clean look for all walks of life. The founder and designer Ryan McNeair, started at a very young age developing a way to be Different and Express his Vision through art&fashion as a Passion/hobby. The Clean Linen logo was established in 2004. It's unique and strong look is featured on every left sleeve, WEAR IT WITH PRIDE. at Clean Linen we value putting together smart ideals and producing clean work.    

Unparalleled Style

Our slogan "It's your lifestyle make it Clean" is more than that. You can be sure you’re getting one of a kind exclusives, and unique merchandise. We the Clean Linen crew are the trendsetters and hipsters. We appreciate the consumer in all facets, from "on the block with it" to the boardroom... Be different and stay clean.

"Motivated by the fear of being normal"